Angela created BodyCraft Therapy with a vision to provide clients therapeutic treatments and body awareness education with compassion, professionalism and a little mysticism. She has over 20 years experience as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator.

Angela has operated a private practice, worked in numerous spas and given in-home massages in the Bay Area and Tucson area over 20 years. Her restorative massage incorporates Deep Tissue Techniques, Stretching and Rotation, Rocking and Shaking, Thai Stretches, Shiatsu Pressure Points, Craniosacral Holding and Swedish Flow modalities.
Angela uses empathy to understand her clients needs and limitations while creating a treatment that restores balance and relaxation.


“Having had a lot of different kinds of bodywork from other massage therapists over the years, I’d have to say Angela is simply the best! She is a highly skilled and gifted massage therapist who is very knowledgeable about health and wellness in general. Angela is kind and caring in her approach and her professionalism and ability to work intuitively with the body makes her a top notch therapist!”

“Angela’s strength, intuition and talent as a massage therapist makes for the best massages I’ve had in my 73 years. I love that she incorporates Thai stretching with more traditional modalities. 5 stars”

“Angela is truly a gifted massage therapist. She is full of great Zen and it is hard not to completely relax under her care. She is professional , knowledgeable about her craft and great at finding out what a person needs out of a massage. One time I actually fell asleep, I was so relaxed! She also is great at deep tissue massage. I would highly recommend her.”

“I have been getting massages from Angela for years and she is the best. My favorite is her Thai Massage (best I have had outside Thailand). Love, love, love it. Besides giving great massages, Angela is a sweet and gentle soul that makes you feel better just by being in the room with her.”

“Strong hands yet sensitive to clients needs. Just the right pressure releases the tension as needed. Angela has a strong intuition and knows where clients need work done. Excellent massage!”